North: the other side of Amsterdam

City Adventures North: the other side of Amsterdam As big cities become increasingly crowded and hectic, there is a growing need for a quiet, slower and more authentic life, even while we are travelling. For those visiting Amsterdam, it is nice to know that Amsterdam has ‘that other side’. With the Dutch photographer Pier and […]

Working Conditions

About Us Fullup.’s working conditions: Read our Responsible Business Conduct manifesto From the last to the laces, we have visibility at every step of our supply chain and are committed to taking care of the people who make your shoes. Fullup. sneakers have been in research and development for more than five years, but we […]

What makes a shoe sustainable?

Materials. Processes. Working conditions. Transparency. Here’s what to look for when shopping for sustainable fashion.

Tracing Fullup.’s unconventional supply chain

About Us Tracing Fullup.’s unconventional supply chain Having worked in the apparel manufacturing industry for over 30 years, we know the ins and outs of production – and we love to delve into the details. From day one, we have embraced eco-design principles. We consider the environmental aspects at all stages of development in an […]

Our materials: Each Fullup. sneaker comprises just 5 key materials

Sustainability Introducing our recycled and cruelty-free materials Our sneakers are made of tough stuff: We’ve rescued 10 plastic bottles to make every pair of Fullup. trainers and use one of the most durable sole materials on the planet. We strive to craft sneakers that are beautiful inside and out, that look and feel good without […]

About Us: Get to know Fullup.’s story and mission

About Us Your essential sneaker: Minimalist design meets responsible processes at Fullup. Get to know this sustainable shoe company, driven by a global team of creative people who believe in the power of slow fashion. At Fullup., we strive to create minimalist, premium, durable shoes with a smaller footprint – we don’t claim to be […]