Introducing our recycled and cruelty-free materials
Our sneakers are made of tough stuff: We’ve rescued 10 plastic bottles to make every pair of Fullup. trainers and use one of the most durable sole materials on the planet.

We strive to craft sneakers that are beautiful inside and out, that look and feel good without sacrificing the health of workers or the planet.

As part of our commitment to environmentally conscious design principles, we choose sustainable, recycled, recyclable and cruelty-free materials whenever possible.

Since our innovative knit upper is made with just one simple layer, we require fewer processes and materials to make our shoes, which in turn puts less pressure on our soil, resources and planet.

In each pair of Fullup. sneakers, you’ll find:

Recycled PET: We make our single-layer knit upper from certified rPET. Our manufacturing partner creates this innovative textile by collecting discarded plastic water bottles, melting them down, and transforming the pellets into yarn. The result is a soft and highly versatile fabric that stands the test of time and requires substantially fewer carbon emissions than virgin plastic.

TPU: Designing shoes that are made to last is part of our mission. The more durable our shoes are, the longer you can wear them and the fewer shoes end up in landfills. That’s why we chose innovative foaming TPU for our patented FullupLite 360 soles. This extremely dense, anti-slip material can stand the test of time and be recycled, so we can later fulfill our circularity goals with a recycling or upcycling program.

Water-based glue: To connect the upper to the sole, we use only water-based glues. An environmentally friendly formulation, water-based glue contains no volatile organic compounds, meaning it does not harm people or the environment.

Zero hazardous components: We have implemented responsible chemical management procedures throughout our supply chain to keep our shoes free of hazardous components. We expect the same commitment from our suppliers, so we have developed a Restricted Substances List (download here) and a Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (download here) regarding all chemicals that are banned or restricted in Fullup. production processes and finished products.

Zero metal: We do not use any metal components, such as eyelets, on Fullup. sneakers. This means we not only avoid releasing toxins into the environment from metal processing, but also do not run the risk of irritating the skin with common allergens like nickel or cobalt.

Zero animal testing: We use only cruelty-free, vegan materials that cause no animal suffering, as well as vegetable ink printing for our packaging.

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